Harish Chaudhary – EX MP Barmer-Jaisalmer, INC


Mr. Harish Chaudhary is a Parliamentarian from the Barmer-Jaisalmer constituency in Rajasthan. He was first elected to the Lok Sabha in May 2009. Additionally, Mr. Chaudhary is a present National Secretary of the All India Congress Committee.

Role in Barmer’s development
Mr. Harish has been actively associated with tackling social issues prior to, during and after his election to Lok Sabha. His deep concern to uplift the welfare of Barmer’s constituents has earned him a special place in their hearts. During his first term, Barmer witnessed the implementation of several notable schemes. Mr. Harish’s resolution to bring clean, drinking water to every household in the constituency led to the implementation of the historic move to bring Himalayan water to Barmer.
His concrete efforts towards elevating Barmer’s economic status led to the establishment of a new oil refinery, further enhancing the scope of industrial development and employment for the constituency’s youth.
Some of his other major political achievements include –

    • Sanctioning of Lift Canal water schemes for Barmer-Jaisalmer,
    • Implementation of National Rural Drinking water project
    • Renovation & widening of NH15 and NH112
    • Completion of New RAIL Line
    • Electrification through Rajeev Gandhi Vidyutikaran and CM electrification schemes
    • Inclusion of Sindhi Musalaman in OBC category and inclusion of ‘Paala’ and ‘olavrishti’ in central relief fund norms.

Early Life & Education
Mr. Chaudhary was Born in Barmer, Rajasthan on 13th May 1970 to Shri Mool Singh Chaudhary and Smt. Meera Chaudhary. After completing his schooling from Mahesh Senior Secondary School, Jodhpur, Mr. Chaudhary later attended Jai Narayan Vyas University ( formerly known as University of Jodhpur ).It was during his time pursuing his degree in MA Economics that the management’s sheer neglect towards key student issues acted as a source of motivation for him to voice key student issues. Consequently, Mr. Chaudhary decided to run for Student Union elections and with a glorious victory over his opponent was appointed the President of the Student Union in the year 1992. Inspired by the ideals of Congress party and notably Dr.Manmohan Singh Ji, the following year saw Mr. Chaudhary taking on bigger roles and went on to represent the marginalized sections of Western Rajasthan namely the youth and the farmers.

Early Political Career
In years that followed, Mr.Chaudhary was appointed the Vice President of Pradesh Youth Congress of Rajasthan. Owing to his long involvement as a dedicated social worker in the region, he was soon regarded as a leader committed to the betterment of all casts and members of the community, and not just a particular community or sect.
The year 2006 saw him taking bigger responsibilities and venturing into bigger social causes in the area. The most notable of his contribution was seen during the Kawas Flood of 2006 which deeply impacted him and shaped the direction of his future political career. Helping the flood afflicted villagers at the time gave an immense sense of purpose to Mr. Chaudhary and also marked the beginning of his highly prolific political career. Becoming a well known and respected name in the area following his active participation in restoring lives of the devastated villagers, his reputation saw a sudden upsurge and receiving national attention.

Election to Lok Sabha
In 2009, Mr. Chaudhary was elected the M.P of 15th Lok Sabha from Barmer & Jaisalmer constituency. He won this post after defeating rival candidate Manvendra Singh, s/o Jaswant Singh by 1 lakh 19 thousand votes. In the years from 2009-14, he has been a member of Defense, Petroleum & Gas Committee, Estimate Committee and Rule ministry committee.
Currently, he is the secretary of All India Congress Committee and co-in charge of Pradesh Congress Committee. Placing emphasis on Party Welfare, instead of personal branding, Harish Ji has always been a propagator of ‘Politics Of Principles’.

Life Outside Politics
Mr. Chaudhary is married to Smt. Hemani Chaudhary with whom he has raised one son and one daughter namely Aastha Godara and Kartikay Chaudhary. Mr. Chaudhary has two residences, one in his hometown of Barmer and the other in New Delhi. Owing to his radical vision for Barmer’s development, Mr. Chaudhary wishes to build a better future for every man and woman in the district.

About Barmer

Located in the western part of Rajasthan, along with the Thar Desert, Barmer is the third largest district in Rajasthan and the fifth largest district in India. Notable for its historic monuments and ancient temples, the splendors of Barmer’s majestic past can be felt & experienced to this day. The district’s many small villages are reminiscent of its rich historical heritage and serve as a perfect sight to experience traditional Rajasthani tradition in its entirety, including rich crafts, folk music, cuisine, and festivities. Along with that, the district’s oil reserve was only recently discovered in 2009, which happens to be India’s biggest oil discovery in decades.


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